Imagine Mandy Harvey

I traveled to Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana on Saturday to cover the Imagine Awards event for Angie Fenton’s and Jason Applegate’s Extol Magazine and I feel honored to meet a most amazing entertainer. Her name is Mandy Harvey and she was the main performer on the program. Continue reading “Imagine Mandy Harvey”

Crystal Boots and Silver Spurs

I had the distinct honor to travel to Floyds Knobs, Indiana to take in the gala fundraiser called Crystal Boots and Silver Spurs. It’s a fun event to raise money for National MS Society, Kentucky-Southeast Indiana Chapter and it’s in its 7th year. Continue reading “Crystal Boots and Silver Spurs”

SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep

Over the weekend, I had the chance to cover the CQ Jam for WaterStep for the Voice-Tribune. It had everything and by that I mean it had people donating to charity, live music and torrential rain. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep”

BIAK Brain Ball sneak peek

Eileen Hornback, Kadie Hays and Zack Hornback look over auction items.

I always get a kick out of the places my camera allows me to go. As a working professional photographer, you job means witnessing things other people sometimes don’t get to see. Continue reading “BIAK Brain Ball sneak peek”

A prom night of the pink variety


Last night, Louisville got to raise money for the Louisville affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure and it got to do a little partying besides at the Pink Prom. Continue reading “A prom night of the pink variety”

Porcini Children’s Foundation Annual Auction and Buffet Dinner

Last night, I spent my first night ever at Porcini  in Crescent Hill, but not for dinner, after all their hours say closed Sunday. No, I spent the evening there covering the Porcini/Farmer Children’s Foundation Annual Auction and Buffet Dinner Continue reading “Porcini Children’s Foundation Annual Auction and Buffet Dinner”