SKETCHBOOK: Patrick’s Blue Hair

One of my son London’s best friends is Patrick. They play on the football team together and Patrick is also an accomplished wrestler. Not the WWE kind, but he might look the part with the blue hair and the Predator emblazoned head gear. Is it a psychological ploy to his opponent? I’m not sure, but the blue hair is still kinda cool. He came over last weekend to get his color redone by Misty who was all too happy to touch up his Viking blue hair.

Emma’s first haircut

Emma's First Birthday by Tim Girton

If you look back through the archives of This Is Louisville, you’ll see that I make a lot of photos of Becky’s daughter Emma, the nearly two-year old darling that loves her Uncle Tim. So when it came time for her first haircut, guess who wanted to make sure he could document the event? This guy (imagine me pointing to myself with both thumbs). Continue reading “Emma’s first haircut”

Behind the Scenes at a Bridal Show

Last Sunday, Southern Comforts Salon & Spa went to the Crowne Plaza Hotel as the official hair and makeup provider to the Meet Me At The Altar Bridal Show. For me, another photo-op, of course, and Continue reading “Behind the Scenes at a Bridal Show”