SKETCHBOOK: Hannah on the Waterfront

I feel so blessed to have the best senior portrait clients ever. Especially those who don’t mind looking as pretty as Hannah does here. We did a couple of locations to make sure she had a good variety of portraits and, even though we had to wade through Louder Than Life concert traffic, it ended up being worth it in the end. We had a beautiful day and the river was looking its best. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah on the Waterfront”

SKETCHBOOK: Hannah on River Road

When we finished our photos in Waverly Park, we made the drive downtown to the river and specifically River Road. Of course, I didn’t remember about the Louder than Life festival so it took a little longer to get there than I had anticipated, but when we saw the photos we could make, it ended up being worth the delay. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah on River Road”

SKETCHBOOK: Hannah Hangs with Juju

When we were doing senior portraits with Hannah, she wanted to make sure she got her baby in a few. Her baby is Juju, the other adorable female in the photograph above. They’re made for each other. Hannah is chill. Juju is all over the place. Hannah is good at taking posing suggestions. Juju, of course, was the opposite. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah Hangs with Juju”

SKETCHBOOK: Hannah’s a Senior

One of my favorite genres of photography is the senior portrait, and not just because my son is a senior in high school. One of the things I find most attractive about that style of photography is the fact that you get to document kids becoming adults and the senior portrait is a right of passage. It’s one of those things like prom and graduation that marks the fact that you’re now considered a grownup. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah’s a Senior”