Cleans Up Pretty Good

Yeah, that’s an old country thing. “He cleans up pretty good,” they say. Or they direct it at you or some third party. But that’s okay because we’re in the country. Which is weird because Louisville is the crossroads. Too north to be southern but too south to be northern. And so it will be with London when we goes off to wherever life takes him. Continue reading “Cleans Up Pretty Good”

SKETCHBOOK: Shelbie in a Popular Spot

By this time, Shelbie’s prom is in full swing but just a little while ago, we knocked out her prom photos and I know what you’re thinking and I can assure you that you’re right. She looks prettier than any princess that you’ve ever seen.

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SKETCHBOOK: Shelbie’s Prom

It’s prom season in Louisville and Misty and I are lucky enough to be prom photographers on top of the other types of photography that we do. When people ask, I always say I’m a lifestyle photographer because I want to make pictures of the important moments of your life.

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SKETCHBOOK: Mighty Molly

Awesome senior Molly put up with me for a few more photos that I thought were important to documenting her life as a Butler High School senior. It’s one if those things about senior photos that I think of as mega valuable to the parents and to the kids later in their lives.

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SKETCHBOOK: The Best Cadet, In My Opinion

Every year Fairdale has a parade that my son London participates in as part of Valley High School’s NJROTC. This year, as a senior, he looks so much the part of a cadet that it makes my heart hurt. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Best Cadet, In My Opinion”

SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School

Wednesday marked the first day of the 2017-18 JCPS school year and with my son being a senior going into the semester it’s his last first day of high school. Yes, I realize if the academics go south that would open up the door to the possibility of another one, but he knows that his last name is Girton and the elder one in his household will not allow that to happen. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School”

Prom Night for London

What a transitional year for my family, mostly due to the maturation of my son London. He’s a high school junior. He just turned 17. He has a serious girlfriend. And he just went to his first prom. That young lady in the cover photo is Danielle and that was his date for that traditionally pivotal high school dance ceremony, this year at the Mellwood Arts Center. Continue reading “Prom Night for London”

Future Miss Kentucky Basketball

Last Friday night, my niece Kira played the last junior varsity game of the season and my brother David asked if I’d come out and take some photos. I think I said yes before he finished the thought. As a photographer who can do some sports, I leaped at the chance because I haven’t done a basketball game of any time for quite some time. Continue reading “Future Miss Kentucky Basketball”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Waggener

The Valley High School Vikings had another hard fought battle last night, this time against Waggener. It was even the WHAS11 Game of the Week. Too bad they didn’t broadcast the game because it was a 16-on-11 mauling where the 11 football players and 5 officials in Waggener’s favor dropped the hammer on the Vikings 34-13 in a non-conference game so luckily, the loss doesn’t affect their playoff standing. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Waggener”