The Graduate

Last Thursday, my son London graduated high school. It’s quite the accomplishment. Not that any high school kid sees it that way. But he’s got every reason to be proud of himself. Continue reading “The Graduate”

Cleans Up Pretty Good

Yeah, that’s an old country thing. “He cleans up pretty good,” they say. Or they direct it at you or some third party. But that’s okay because we’re in the country. Which is weird because Louisville is the crossroads. Too north to be southern but too south to be northern. And so it will be with London when we goes off to wherever life takes him. Continue reading “Cleans Up Pretty Good”

FOOTBALL: Valley at John Hardin

The Valley High School football Vikings are nearly back at full strength. They’re almost to the point where they had hoped to be at the beginning of the season. The biggest problem with that is that they took on their out of town arch nemesis Friday night. The good news, however, is that the Vikings can move the ball and can keep up. So much so that they score was tied at halftime. In the end, though, Valley fell to the Bulldogs. But, like the above shot, there were highlights like this end zone interception. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at John Hardin”

SKETCHBOOK: Showing Off My Kiddo

Yesterday, we talked about last Friday’s Valley Viking Football Appreciation Day and how one of the things I got to do is get individual photos of the players that came out. And I also admitted that the first photos I was going to show was my son, London, the starting left tackle. for one of the shots, Misty took control of the camera and got me and my kiddo. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Showing Off My Kiddo”

SKETCHBOOK: Football Parents

It’s been a full photography weekend and it started Friday. It was a bye week for the Valley High School Vikings so there was no game. By the way, my son London was reinstated after his unfair treatment at the Fairdale game against those wannabe tough guys.  But that’s beside the point in this case. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Football Parents”

SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School

Wednesday marked the first day of the 2017-18 JCPS school year and with my son being a senior going into the semester it’s his last first day of high school. Yes, I realize if the academics go south that would open up the door to the possibility of another one, but he knows that his last name is Girton and the elder one in his household will not allow that to happen. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Last First Day of High School”

SKETCHBOOK: Three Point Stance

When we do senior photos, we always include something important to the senior we’re shooting. Since London is my son, it was easy to figure out what we were going to do aside from the regular “smile for dad” type of photos. Lucky for us, his coach is awesome and let us do some photos in the new school uniform prior to their season debut. The jersey looks awesome and London looks incredible. But I might be biased.