Sketchbook: Flowers

Lately, I’ve felt like has been underutilized and it’s my fault. This site has always been about showcasing my photography for fun and occasionally for profit. In that regard, you can call it a success. Continue reading “Sketchbook: Flowers”

The World’s Largest Halloween Party


If people ask for one of the outstanding landmarks in Louisville, tell them about the Louisville Zoo. Especially this time of year because they’ve begun hosting the annual World’s Largest Halloween Party. Because of that, Continue reading “The World’s Largest Halloween Party”

I Tapped Out to Atlantis

The title to this article tells the whole story, however, I will elaborate as best I can. My son London had never been to Atlantis Water Park (formerly Wave Tek) in Continue reading “I Tapped Out to Atlantis”

Finally a Real Snow

Winter arrived in Louisville last night with a big, wet snow. A few days ago, it was in the 70s and spawning tornadoes and now this. Most of it has melted already, but for a photographer, it was a photo op dream. I went Continue reading “Finally a Real Snow”

Hanging with the Photographers

I spent the evening hanging with my friends from the Louisville Photo Collective. Geeking out with cool people is always fun. It was an evening of finding cool phone apps and talking shop with a bunch of talented folks. Continue reading “Hanging with the Photographers”