Conserving through photography


Iroquois-04Back in 2009, I spent many a Saturday morning getting up at 4am to head out to a nature location in Louisville to make pictures. I didn’t consider myself a landscape photographer at the time because I had been reading about shooters that were doing their part for the environment by showing it. Continue reading “Conserving through photography”

Amanda’s story

Amanda and Danielle by Tim Girton

I’ve been struggling to write this story for a while now because I want to do it justice, but the circumstances are such that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express how deep my admiration is for Amanda (obviously a different Amanda from the last update). Continue reading “Amanda’s story”

Seeing double in Iroquois Park

Easton and Lucas are one year old by Tim Girton

Baby’s first birthday is such a momentous event, especially for new parents. So we were blessed to enjoy double the momentous-ness (let me have this one, grammar police) when we got the chance to work with twins Easton and Lucas. Continue reading “Seeing double in Iroquois Park”