A look back at the Waterfront Independence Festival


A few weeks ago, when I was sharing tips on how to take great fireworks photos, I also lamented the loss of the Waterfront Independence Festival that used to occur every July 4th on the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park. Continue reading “A look back at the Waterfront Independence Festival”

How to take fireworks photos you want to show off

Thunder Over Louisville-6

When you’re capturing photos of fireworks, it’s both hard and easy and it all depends on a little technique. Right up front I will say that the fireworks setting on certain point and shoot cameras won’t work. Continue reading “How to take fireworks photos you want to show off”

Waterfront Independence Festival 2012

The Waterfront Independence Festival 2012 rocks Waterfront Park for two days, starting yesterday with headlining entertainment from country music stars Thompson Square, the Continue reading “Waterfront Independence Festival 2012”