Energy. That’s the word that best describes Kendall along with beautiful, charming and smart. The entire shoot through Central Park and St James Court consisted of chase and snap for me. It’s an awesome way to make portraits of kids. I want the energy to come through because when these photos become memories it works best when they can look back and see their true younger selves. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: …And I’m Done”

SKETCHBOOK: Little Girls and Big Brothers

How sweet is it to see little girls and big brothers together? Sure, they’ll fight and scream just as hard as they’ll love and nurture each other. Especially when they have a strong bond like Kendall and her bubby. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Little Girls and Big Brothers”


Remember that old school hip hop song by House of Pain called “Jump Around.” You know, as in “get out ya seat and jump around. Jump. Jump. Jump.” I don’t know if Kendall has ever heard that song, but she sure did like to act along with it. Such boundless energy that it couldn’t be contained. But it looks really good in photos so not only are we okay with it, we encourage it.

We were walking around St. James Court and it was beautiful, as usual. I think Kendall liked it, too. And by the time we got to the world-famous fountain, she was beside herself and letting it out Richard Avedon style with plenty of jumping and motion. I was lucky enough to keep up with her for a few good shots.


We had such a good time shooting photos of Kendall and her family and she was looking out for me through the entire shoot. You can see that here. While working with her and trying to get her attention, Misty would stand behind me and make funny faces or do funny things and Kendall wanted to let me know. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Behind You”

SKETCHBOOK: Fathers and Daughters

I’m a sucker for photos of fathers and daughters. Perhaps it’s because I love my own daughter, Talia, so much and I remember those days when she was tiny and I was her protector. And that’s a job I took seriously because I felt like by letting her fly but also being there if she ever fell, I was letting her find her way in life while also serving as the soft landing mat just in case. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Fathers and Daughters”