In Your Face at the Kentucky State Fair


These ladies said they felt like they should appear on the front page and as you can see, I wanted to make that happen. When I shot this one, I had explained that my camera and I showed up at Continue reading “In Your Face at the Kentucky State Fair”

Maternity Shoot with Jenna and Aaron

Misty and I (and my son London) took our act on the road for Jenna and Aaron’s maternity shoot yesterday in Cherokee Park. Jenna and Aaron came with two scene stealers: Continue reading “Maternity Shoot with Jenna and Aaron”

A Challenging Week

My mother, Gel Routt, in the last photo of us together. We took her out for her birthday.

The title of this post belies the emotion beneath. Last Friday I lost my mother to the angels. The coroner ruled that she succumbed to years of heart ailments and high blood pressure and finally she entered the rest she spent a lifetime earning. Continue reading “A Challenging Week”