In the last few days I was looking forward to spending some time with 3 year old Kendall. She’s a bundle of energy and is the very definition of perpetual motion. Standing still doesn’t really work well for her, or any three-year-old for that matter. The best part is that her exuberance is contagious. I worked 8 hours at my day job and with Kendall’s help, I could have gone another 8 running around and taking photos of her. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hamming It Up”

Jaxson got his smash cake

Jaxson's First Birthday photoshoot by Tim Girton

While we were photographing Cassie’s senior photos, her friend Whitney saw how we worked and thought it would be fun to have us shoot her son Jaxson’s first birthday pictures. Continue reading “Jaxson got his smash cake”

Amber’s going to have a baby

Amber's Maternity Photos by Tim Girton

Our friend Amber is making her journey to motherhood as we speak. To commemorate her transformation to parenthood, Misty and I made photos of her, her boyfriend Shaun and his son Cayden. Continue reading “Amber’s going to have a baby”

Pierson’s first smash cake

Pierson's First Birthday by Tim Girton

Dear Pierson,

Here’s how life is going to go for you. Your mother is quite a good photographer. You can see her work here. There are other people in your family that are photographers. Your family has friends that know their way around cameras, too. I’m one of them. Continue reading “Pierson’s first smash cake”

Did you miss Becky’s birthday?

Becky's Birthday by Tim Girton

This past Saturday, Becky came by the house so that we could celebrate her birthday. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure she had other great birthday celebrations, but we were excited because we think we had the best present. Continue reading “Did you miss Becky’s birthday?”

Becoming guests of Joe Huber

Earlier this week, Misty, Becky, Emma and I were guests at the Joe Huber Family Farm and Restaurant. It’s just one of those things you do at this time of the year if you live in the Greater Louisville area. Continue reading “Becoming guests of Joe Huber”

Tanya, Michelle and Zachary hit Otter Creek Park

Otter Creek didn’t stand a chance when Misty and I took Tanya, Michelle and Zachary for their family photo shoot yesterday. I always think it’s weird that when you visit the park Continue reading “Tanya, Michelle and Zachary hit Otter Creek Park”

Visting mama


This past weekend pushed my emotions all over the place. I spent some time in a night club doing a few photos of the Men of Playgirl. The phrase “an interesting experience” qualifies as an understatement. Continue reading “Visting mama”

This Day Revolves Around Mom

Part of my Mother’s Day found me at Rivue in the Galt House for a special brunch called “This Day Revolves Around Mom,” and the Voice-Tribune sent me the assignment. Honestly, I didn’t know if I would do well with it or not because Continue reading “This Day Revolves Around Mom”