Jellyfishing! Jellyfishing!

Though Jeremiah and I never saw SpongeBob or Patrick, we knew they would have been proud of us for spending some time at the Newport Aquarium doing some jellyfishing.

We didn’t bring our jellyfish nets, but I brought a camera to do some capturing.

Conserving through photography


Iroquois-04Back in 2009, I spent many a Saturday morning getting up at 4am to head out to a nature location in Louisville to make pictures. I didn’t consider myself a landscape photographer at the time because I had been reading about shooters that were doing their part for the environment by showing it. Continue reading “Conserving through photography”

Ducks at Papa Johns

The other day, we arrived at Emma’s “birthday” shoot early over at the Papa Johns World Headquarters and that place serves as a haven for Continue reading “Ducks at Papa Johns”