My Favorite 2015 Kentucky Derby Week Activity

Louisville goes crazy during the lead up to the Kentucky Derby. The Derby, the “fastest two minutes in sports,” and, quite possibly, one of the last horse races to really matter on the national stage. There’s no vanity in that. Continue reading “My Favorite 2015 Kentucky Derby Week Activity”

Jukebox the Ghost rocked Headliners – so did Secret Someones and Little Daylight

I had the opportunity of rock out last night with Jukebox the Ghost at Headliners Music Hall on Lexington Road in Crescent Hill. As soon as I walked in, you could see the place was ready to jump. One of the reasons: Ben Thornewell was coming back home. Continue reading “Jukebox the Ghost rocked Headliners – so did Secret Someones and Little Daylight”

Hanging with J. Dub

Pink Lounge Launch Party by Tim Girton

I didn’t know it at the time, but last weeks was my week to hang with Joey Wagner. Joey’s a friend of mine from back in my radio days and we maintain contact with my photography in his club, Prime Lounge and my contact with the University of Louisville where he does things with the athletic program as well. He also raises a bunch of money for Susan G Komen’s breast cancer research. Continue reading “Hanging with J. Dub”

What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?

Sigma Chi at Captain's Quarters by Tim Girton

Aside from the title of this article, probably not much. Except that I got a chance to cover both of their events earlier this week before I set foot in the New Kids on the Block show on Monday. Suffice to say, that was a big day. Continue reading “What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?”

A busy party weekend all over the Ville

John Luther and Hope Mott were among the many fans of the Zac Brown Band that came downtown to the KFC Yum! Center to see the in concert.
John Luther and Hope Mott were among the many fans of the Zac Brown Band.

Last weekend had party people jumping all over Louisville. On Thursday, the Zac Brown Band performed at the KFC Yum! Center and, while I didn’t get lucky enough to shoot the concert, Continue reading “A busy party weekend all over the Ville”

Celebrating Christmas the Louisville party way

Rodney Atkins in action.
Rodney Atkins in action.

When Louisville parties at Christmas, the town throws down and I find it an honor to take my camera and document the action. The action all weekend  varied with the venue and the theme Continue reading “Celebrating Christmas the Louisville party way”

A Cardinal win and the Christmas spirit

Stephen Van Treese with another rejection, this time on Bryant Allen.
Stephen Van Treese with another rejection, this time on Bryant Allen.

As you can see from this website, I live the photographic life. I’m lucky enough to document some of the best parts of Louisville and I love to do it. Yesterday, I spent part of the afternoon on the basketball court, documenting the Louisville Cardinals Continue reading “A Cardinal win and the Christmas spirit”

Winter Wednesdays begin in Louisville

That’s me trying to play a didgeridoo.

Lucky for me, the caption explains what I’m trying to do before I have to figure out what kind of explaining I have to do. One of my photo subjects insisted on taking the camera and doing a few photos of me. That happens sometimes and, Continue reading “Winter Wednesdays begin in Louisville”

Eastern Europe, the DJ battle and the Cards

Every once in a while, my new party friends want me in a shot. I’m the bald one.

As a professional photographer, I’m blessed with admission to some of the coolest places in the Ville. The camera serves as an amazing passport as I witness the enormity of the good things in the city. On Saturday, Continue reading “Eastern Europe, the DJ battle and the Cards”