SKETCHBOOK: Brittany is an Akridge

Misty’s cousin Brittany tied the knot over the weekend in a spectacular and still intimate ceremony at the Broad Run Winery in Mt. Washington and we were lucky enough to photograph the nuptials. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Brittany is an Akridge”

SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party, Part 2

Not to be outdone, because Jalacoe will not be outdone, we got photos of his side of the wedding party with a little something extra. After all, as we would find out later in the night, both grooms decided that Jalacoe is the diva. So, of course, it was time to strike a pose. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party, Part 2”

SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party

I mentioned in an earlier post about the option of shooting the wedding party photos before the ceremony rather than at the end. Each way has their strengths and during a wedding consultation, we make sure to bring up both possibilities and let the client decide. We’ll shoot it either way. That’s our job as the photographers that are lucky enough to be hired to catch your special moments. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Groom’s Wedding Party”

SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Other Groom Together

Yesterday, I showed you Jalacoe getting his final adjustments made before the wedding photos. The couple decided to do the photos before the ceremony and whenever a couple decides to do that, the rest of the ceremony goes so much more smoothly. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Other Groom Together”

SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Groom Together

One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is the photojournalism of showing the preparations. The excitement and nervous energy contribute to the wedding vibe. The one thing I want to do is get it right as the fly on the wall. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Groom Together”

SKETCHBOOK: A Night To Remember

Amongst their group of friends, when Sean and Jalacoe (Jason) announced their wedding plans last year, we all knew it would live up to the title “A Night To Remember.” Misty and I were honored to be the photographers of record at the historic Grand Theater in New Albany, Indiana.

The venue was beautiful and Sean and Jason were the most handsome grooms in Kentuckiana this weekend. Friends and family gathered to celebrate the fact that they’ve been together 12 years. Everyone had stories among themselves and some to share, too. In fact, they didn’t have two toasters, they had 4.

The Grand did a great job and everyone was smooth in their roles. By the way, wedding party photos before the ceremony are best. Sean and Jason’s were flawless. I’ll show you a few shortly.


A wedding in the park

Saturday didn’t start out looking like a good day to have a wedding. Misty and I woke up thinking we would get a call to say that plans changed. Luckily, Continue reading “A wedding in the park”