Dale and Bootsie on Panama City Beach

Our Panama City Beach vacation had a couple of stowaways in the condo. Okay, they’re Misty’s parents and they’ve previously enjoyed all the fun of the beach and the city. On the next to the last day there, we did some photos near sunset. Continue reading “Dale and Bootsie on Panama City Beach”

Another Day on the Beach

As any of my friends will tell you, I love the Louisville and Southern Indiana area. For those that are from elsewhere, you should know that we have a word for it: Kentuckiana. We just accept that portmanteau as normal because we think of it as the place we live. Continue reading “Another Day on the Beach”

Trolley Hopping in NuLu for August

After a bit of vacation, I got back into the swing of my Louisville love affair with an assignment for Metromix to shoot the Republic Bank First Friday Trolley Hop in NuLu. I have to tell you, it felt Continue reading “Trolley Hopping in NuLu for August”