SKETCHBOOK: The Fountain at St James Court

When people come to see the famous St James Court Fountain, they usually want to take photos by the fountain. It makes sense. The fountain itself is beautiful and it is a one-of-a-kind attraction. So when we had Chris, Stephanie and their son Christopher at St James Court, I wanted something a little different. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Fountain at St James Court”

SKETCHBOOK: Tender Moments are Fun Moments

I’ve already mentioned how easy it was to make remarkable photos of Megan and Tyler at their engagement photo shoot. And, as you’ve seen from the photos so far, that’s the truth.  Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Tender Moments are Fun Moments”

Motocross Style Senior Portraits

When we shoot senior portraits, we prefer the subjects to express a part of themselves that would make the photos unique. Well, Cory came up with something awesome. Continue reading “Motocross Style Senior Portraits”

Years in the making with Makenna

Makenna by Tim GirtonIt took a while, but I finally got a chance to shoot photos with the lovely Makenna. And it started before she was even born. But look at that face and that expression. How blessed am I to be able to capture that cuteness. Continue reading “Years in the making with Makenna”

Behind the scenes with Emma

Emma can't wait to show off her pearls
Emma can’t wait to show off her pearls

Last week, one of our favorite toddlers came to Girton Images for a Christmas photo shoot. Whenever Emma wants to pose, Misty and I don’t question it. We just Continue reading “Behind the scenes with Emma”

Going behind the scenes at Girton Images

During last weekends photo shoot at Otter Creek Park with Tanya, Michelle and Zachary, another photographer came along with Misty and I. My son London took my micro four thirds Olympus Pen camera and started documenting what we did. Continue reading “Going behind the scenes at Girton Images”

It’s Emma’s Birthday

Okay, not yet, but that was the theme of the photo shoot that Misty and I did yesterday at the Papa Johns World Headquarters. And I know what you’re thinking: Continue reading “It’s Emma’s Birthday”