Tonika Turns Four

I always enjoy a photo shoot with kids involved. It gives me a chance to turn on the Uncle Tim persona and attempt to get some real, genuine laughter and expression for the kids involved. Of course, they have the “cheese” face, which is what all of us have been told to mimic for as long as I can remember, whether being in front of or behind the lens. But when a kid shows real fun, those are the best. Tonika gave that to me in bunches. Continue reading “Tonika Turns Four”

SKETCHBOOK: Working with Girton Images

I just wanted to show a little snippet of what it’s like to work with Girton Images and Misty Meredith Photography. We took a little video footage while we worked with a family who was amenable to having some recording done. I’ll post more from this shoot at another time, but it was a good time for us and, I hope, a good time for them as well.

Motocross Style Senior Portraits

When we shoot senior portraits, we prefer the subjects to express a part of themselves that would make the photos unique. Well, Cory came up with something awesome. Continue reading “Motocross Style Senior Portraits”

Did you miss Becky’s birthday?

Becky's Birthday by Tim Girton

This past Saturday, Becky came by the house so that we could celebrate her birthday. I didn’t ask, but I’m sure she had other great birthday celebrations, but we were excited because we think we had the best present. Continue reading “Did you miss Becky’s birthday?”