FLASHBACK: March 30, 2012

Freelance photographers like me who used to rely on newspapers to provide photo opportunities used to enjoy the competition between the Courier-Journal and the Voice-Tribune. During those heady days you got to grab your camera and go. Just make it interesting and clickable.

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WorldFest on the Belvedere

The annual WorldFest took place on the Belvedere over the Labor Day weekend and, as per normal during WorldFest time, it was about as hot as it gets the entire weekend. Misty and I waited until Monday to visit, hoping one of those days wouldn’t hit 90. Continue reading “WorldFest on the Belvedere”

Occupy ICE in Louisville

Remember when Mayor Greg Fischer declared Louisville a compassionate city. Considering the type of police state he’s presiding over in 2018, the lie of compassion is coming back to haunt us. Take today’s Occupy ICE protests. You know, civil disobedience without violence or bloodshed. He decided, we gotta crush it anyway. Continue reading “Occupy ICE in Louisville”

SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Other Groom Together

Yesterday, I showed you Jalacoe getting his final adjustments made before the wedding photos. The couple decided to do the photos before the ceremony and whenever a couple decides to do that, the rest of the ceremony goes so much more smoothly. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Other Groom Together”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Holy Cross

It was another tough Friday night for the walking wounded Valley Viking football team. They went up Dixie Highway a few miles to Holy Cross to take on the Cougars. On the sideline you had a starting quarterback on crutches thanks to a torn ACL, a starting running back going through the concussion protocol and two other concussed players that the team depends on. The remaining players gutted it out but fell short 36-6. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Holy Cross”

Imagine Mandy Harvey

I traveled to Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana on Saturday to cover the Imagine Awards event for Angie Fenton’s and Jason Applegate’s Extol Magazine and I feel honored to meet a most amazing entertainer. Her name is Mandy Harvey and she was the main performer on the program. Continue reading “Imagine Mandy Harvey”

My Best of Times

On Monday I discussed my challenges over the past month and alluded to the yang to that yin, i.e., the best of times. That happened when my daughter Talia came home. I don’t think my heart could have soared any higher when I saw her after so many months of her being away in Latin America. Continue reading “My Best of Times”

Where Ya Been?

So one question that’s sure to come up from readers of this blog is, “Tim, where ya been?”

Let me tell you. Lately, it’s been like A Tale of Two Cities in that it’s been the best of times – it’s been the worst of times. Of course, that opening line is considered cliched hyperbole now. In my case, the challenging part over the last few weeks has been the worst attack of gout I’ve had in 5 years. One day: normal. Next day: pain. The day after: crutches. Continue reading “Where Ya Been?”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Western

The Valley Vikings took their show down the road to play the Dixie Bowl against the Western Warriors. That mean that Valley had to reach in their awards case and pull out the trophy that goes to the winner. Last year’s game was highly competitive with the Vikings coming out on top. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Western”