SKETCHBOOK: Krystal and Charlie

Oh, Mother Nature. We had planned to do a few more photos of Krystal along with hubby Charlie as we celebrate the beauty of the creation of life. We talked to Krystal last night and she said it was 100% chance of rain. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Krystal and Charlie”

Radiance and Pride at Farnsley-Moremen

One of the landmarks people talk about in the South End of Louisville is Farnsley-Moremen Landing. People get married there all the time, and it’s a pretty historic place. Native Americans settled in prehistory. In the 1800s the landing Continue reading “Radiance and Pride at Farnsley-Moremen”

Maternity Shoot with Jenna and Aaron

Misty and I (and my son London) took our act on the road for Jenna and Aaron’s maternity shoot yesterday in Cherokee Park. Jenna and Aaron came with two scene stealers: Continue reading “Maternity Shoot with Jenna and Aaron”