As a doting father who brags about his kids everytime he can to anyone who will listen, I hate that dads sometimes are a maligned group. Yes, I realize there are times that some guys fuel that reputation, but not all of us so I’ll always sing a dad’s praises when deserved.

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SKETCHBOOK: Carson Brings Cute to the Family

So you’ve seen that cute kid Carson, right? And now that I think about it, that should be his nickname. Or, at least, his hip hop name: Cute Kid Carson. He can have that, but I’ll need royalties.

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SKETCHBOOK: Carson With Two Grown Ups

That’s my new friend Carson. He brought two adults with him to his photoshoot yesterday. He calls them mom and dad. Actually, he will call them mom and dad as soon as we can talk. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Carson With Two Grown Ups”