SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Groom Together

One of my favorite parts of shooting a wedding is the photojournalism of showing the preparations. The excitement and nervous energy contribute to the wedding vibe. The one thing I want to do is get it right as the fly on the wall. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Getting the Groom Together”

SKETCHBOOK: A Night To Remember

Amongst their group of friends, when Sean and Jalacoe (Jason) announced their wedding plans last year, we all knew it would live up to the title “A Night To Remember.” Misty and I were honored to be the photographers of record at the historic Grand Theater in New Albany, Indiana.

The venue was beautiful and Sean and Jason were the most handsome grooms in Kentuckiana this weekend. Friends and family gathered to celebrate the fact that they’ve been together 12 years. Everyone had stories among themselves and some to share, too. In fact, they didn’t have two toasters, they had 4.

The Grand did a great job and everyone was smooth in their roles. By the way, wedding party photos before the ceremony are best. Sean and Jason’s were flawless. I’ll show you a few shortly.


SKETCHBOOK: Great Couple, Great Wedding

I’m going to be sharing a lot of these photos, but we just got home and got them downloaded. But we’re also exhausted, but I couldn’t just go to bed without sharing one. They prove that love wins. Every time.