Another Snow Day and Some Attention

I got an e-mail from Demotix, the agency that represents my photos to ask if I was going to go out and some snow photos. Not the kind I did with Emma and London here, but more on the photojournalistic side. I replied that I was heading out straight away. Those photos can be seen, and licensed, here.

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Snow Day with Emma and London

Technically Louisville is a southern city. Geographically it’s a lower midwestern city. It’s been called the gateway to the south and Mother Nature took advantage of that gateway to drop 8 inches of snow on our fair metropolis. So what would any self-respecting photographer do? Continue reading “Snow Day with Emma and London”

The tsnonami is coming


Back in the day (4 years ago) when I was still doing radio, I came up with a new word: tsnonami. You can look it up in the Urban Dictionary. The credit goes to Tim Gerard, which was my radio name. Continue reading “The tsnonami is coming”

Louisville weather is strange and Al Gore says it’ll get stranger

February Winter Blast by Tim Girton

Those of us with the good fortune to live, work and play in the Ohio Valley know that the weather tends to be all over the place. For example, in just the past week we witnessed a heat wave with temps heading toward the 70 degree mark. Then we lived through tornadoes right after. Continue reading “Louisville weather is strange and Al Gore says it’ll get stranger”

Finally a Real Snow

Winter arrived in Louisville last night with a big, wet snow. A few days ago, it was in the 70s and spawning tornadoes and now this. Most of it has melted already, but for a photographer, it was a photo op dream. I went Continue reading “Finally a Real Snow”