Happy 21st Birthday

Hard to believe because it seems like the time has gone so fast, but my son London is 21 today. A couple of weekends ago, we were lucky enough to spend some time with he and his young family.

We probably should have told him what we were going to do, but that would have spoiled the fun. We went to dinner at his old favorite Mexican restaurant, El Nopal. That wasn’t the issue. Misty made sure that the restaurant knew it was his birthday so why not smash whipped cream into his beard?

Plus, this gives me the chance to show off photos of his greatest present ever, Jeremiah. I always felt that about my kids so it’s nice to know that he feels the same way. Happy birthday son. I love you more than ever.

And yes, when we leave El Nopal, the table always looks like this. We enjoy having a good time.

Another Season of Vikings Football

My son London is a football player at Valley High School. He’s a big strong guy who gets to push other people around within the confines of the gridiron and I’m proud of his progress every day. It seems like he’s better and better after each practice. Of course, that’s his dad talking so you’d expect me to say things like that. Continue reading “Another Season of Vikings Football”

A teenager in the house

London's Birthday by Tim Girton


We recently celebrated the birthday of my son, London. One of the names I call him is “kiddo.” I won’t go into some of the other names because they belonged to a real kid. London just joined the ranks of the teenagers. Oh joy. Continue reading “A teenager in the house”