FLASHBACK: 9 Years Ago

This was actually 9 years ago yesterday, but I got so busy with the day job I didn’t have time to create this post. But I think it’s so good, I decided not to wait for a 10 years ago post in 364 days. Obviously it was made during March Insanity (you know what it’s really called, but the NCAA won’t let anyone say it unless you’re giving them money) and the University of Louisville was doing well.

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Sketchbook: It’s Not Fair

Yes, you’re right. It’s not fair that momma Lynn has such beautiful daughters. I’m editing senior photos from the third one now and have already warned the fourth that she’s next.

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FOOTBALL: Valley vs Breckenridge County

The Valley High School football Vikings had to ride an hour away from their home base of Viking Harbor to meet the Breckenridge County Tigers. It was a fruitful trip for the Vikings record as they came away with the blow out victory 42-0. Valley dominated with smothering defense and a supercharged offense. In fact, it was the supercharged offense they started the season with before an epidemic of injuries sidelined amazing players for weeks at a time. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley vs Breckenridge County”

FOOTBALL: Western at Valley

The Valley High School Vikings took to the field at Viking Harbor last night to host fellow South End rival Western High School for a showdown. Was the game hard fought? You bet. Was it officiated fairly? Of course not. Did the Vikings make mistakes? Unquestionably. Did the referees look the other way on visitor penalties? Are you kidding me? They always do. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Western at Valley”

SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback

You’ve seen Brayden before. He’s the quarterback on the Valley High School Vikings football team. He’s a senior, which gave us a chance to do some awesome senior portraits earlier this year. He’s one of London’s best friends on the team and the guy that turns London into a beast on the field because he’s always motivated by the mantra, “no one touches my quarterback. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback”

SKETCHBOOK: Football Parents

It’s been a full photography weekend and it started Friday. It was a bye week for the Valley High School Vikings so there was no game. By the way, my son London was reinstated after his unfair treatment at the Fairdale game against those wannabe tough guys.  But that’s beside the point in this case. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Football Parents”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Anderson County

The Valley Vikings had to go on the road last night. Like on…the…road. The Vikings traveled an hour down I-64 to visit the Anderson County Bearcats on the Bearcats homecoming night. As usual, Valley’s kids played their guts out and stayed with Anderson County before ultimately falling 20-0. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Anderson County”

FOOTBALL: Valley at Holy Cross

It was another tough Friday night for the walking wounded Valley Viking football team. They went up Dixie Highway a few miles to Holy Cross to take on the Cougars. On the sideline you had a starting quarterback on crutches thanks to a torn ACL, a starting running back going through the concussion protocol and two other concussed players that the team depends on. The remaining players gutted it out but fell short 36-6. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Valley at Holy Cross”

FOOTBALL: Pleasure Ridge Park at Valley

When Valley plays Pleasure Ridge Park, it’s always a tough game for the Vikings and this year did not prove to be any differently as the boys in blue took the L 41-6. I’ve watched this rivalry for 4 years and it was populated by the same things we’ve come to expect. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Pleasure Ridge Park at Valley”