FOOTBALL: Seneca at Valley

School in Jefferson County starts this week and with that we get the Friday Night Lights. The first opportunity this season for the Valley Vikings was last night when the Seneca Redhawks came for a visit and both teams looked pretty good, playing to a 20-20 tie. Why a tie? Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Seneca at Valley”

SKETCHBOOK: More Brayden, too

Since we did a few more shots of my son London, and since we’re doing senior photos of Brayden, too, we got the two together for a few more football focused photographs. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: More Brayden, too”


We had some extra time this past weekend so we got a few more photos of London and Brayden. Misty had a couple of ideas including this one and luckily campus cooperated by parking a bus nearby. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: A Few More”

SKETCHBOOK: Valley Football Schedule

Remember a few days ago when I joked that we accidentally created the Valley High School football poster for 2017? Well, my son London, the tough looking guy on the left, said, “Hey dad. Can you make a football poster?” Voila. Feel free to download or print and keep. These Vikings are going to be fun to watch this year.

SKETCHBOOK: Three Point Stance

When we do senior photos, we always include something important to the senior we’re shooting. Since London is my son, it was easy to figure out what we were going to do aside from the regular “smile for dad” type of photos. Lucky for us, his coach is awesome and let us do some photos in the new school uniform prior to their season debut. The jersey looks awesome and London looks incredible. But I might be biased.

SKETCHBOOK: London and Brayden

I think we may have accidentally shot Valley High School’s 2017 football poster with my son London and his friend and quarterback Brayden. I always have fun shooting senior photos, but this was particularly awesome for my own personal reasons.

SKETCHBOOK: Brayden’s Senior Photos

We had another senior on last night’s photoshoot, Brayden. He’s the starting quarterback on the football team and one of my son London’s best friends. In fact, he’s the one we scheduled the shoot for, but because London’s a senior and a teammate, it made sense to get photos of both of them. After all, I already had the lighting set up. And Brayden did awesome, of course. As a QB, he’s used to performing under pressure. I have a few more to show, if you’d like to see them.

SKETCHBOOK: London’s Senior Photos


We grabbed a few preliminary senior photos of my son London in the new Valley High School jerseys. The idea was to get him looking his most handsome, my concern, and to also look like a badass, his idea. I think it worked on this shot. More to come.

Let’s Get Fired Up

A couple of weeks ago, my brother David asked me to do some photos of his daughter Kira and her basketball team on their final junior varsity game of the year. You can see those photos here. This past Saturday, he asked if I would come out and do some photos of his youngest daughter Alanna and her cheer squad. As you can see from the cover photo, I said yes. Continue reading “Let’s Get Fired Up”