SKETCHBOOK: Thanksgiving is Gratitude Day

The idea behind Thanksgiving is right in line with my beliefs. We should all be grateful and give thanks for what we have. No matter how much we have or what we have. You entered the world with nothing.

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My Best of Times

On Monday I discussed my challenges over the past month and alluded to the yang to that yin, i.e., the best of times. That happened when my daughter Talia came home. I don’t think my heart could have soared any higher when I saw her after so many months of her being away in Latin America. Continue reading “My Best of Times”

Where Ya Been?

So one question that’s sure to come up from readers of this blog is, “Tim, where ya been?”

Let me tell you. Lately, it’s been like A Tale of Two Cities in that it’s been the best of times – it’s been the worst of times. Of course, that opening line is considered cliched hyperbole now. In my case, the challenging part over the last few weeks has been the worst attack of gout I’ve had in 5 years. One day: normal. Next day: pain. The day after: crutches. Continue reading “Where Ya Been?”

My Favorite 2015 Kentucky Derby Week Activity

Louisville goes crazy during the lead up to the Kentucky Derby. The Derby, the “fastest two minutes in sports,” and, quite possibly, one of the last horse races to really matter on the national stage. There’s no vanity in that. Continue reading “My Favorite 2015 Kentucky Derby Week Activity”

Forcing variety can be a good thing


Once upon a time when I was a photographer in search of a style, I forced myself to think about and perform photography every single day in something that, at various times, was called the Daily Photo Project or Photo du Jour. The object was to get out of cliched shots like Continue reading “Forcing variety can be a good thing”

Louisville is Christmas

My son London and I.
My son London and I.

I’m sure most families in Louisville make the Christmas season a multi day affair. After all the shopping and clandestine hint dropping, everything slows down and the consumerism has to end, giving way to family time and spirituality. Continue reading “Louisville is Christmas”

University Chorus

My daughter Talia participated in the Graduate Conducting Recital last night at the University of Louisville School of Music. Ruthanne Fulton was the conductor and it was a partial fulfillment of her Master of Music Degree. Talia is part of the University Chorus and Continue reading “University Chorus”