SKETCHBOOK: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

When I shoot engagement sessions, I personally like to be able to feel the affection between the couple. I have no empirical evidence of what I’m about to say, but I think it’s really there. When the two people in front of the camera love each other, and genuinely feel it, it makes the photos better. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Crazy Little Thing Called Love”


As anyone who has decided to step off that cliff and into matrimonial bliss will tell you, the most nerve-wracking part of the process comes from the time you ask and you wait until she gives you her answer. You hope it’s yes, but you don’t know until the words actually come out of her mouth. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Saying Yes”

SKETCHBOOK: Remember the Date

Jennifer and Tanya, so full of love, also have set the date for their impending wedding. So, of course, you have to do a save the date photo, that includes the actual date. And these two beautiful young ladies could not be happier or more giddy about the next step they are going to take in their lives. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Remember the Date”

SKETCHBOOK: Look at the Love

Thanks to NuLu. The pristine location and the clean walls made a perfect canvas and backdrop for some chalk work with Jennifer and Tanya. Originally, we were going to do some work with chalk and chalkboards, which we actually did and I’ll show that soon. But the walls got the wheels churning in our brains to get a shot like this. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Look at the Love”

SKETCHBOOK: Tanya and Jennifer on the Waterfront

When our beautiful brides-to-be, Tanya and Jennifer, posed for their photos we spent some time in different downtown Louisville locations and we progressively made our way to the Waterfront. The Ohio River and the bridges are such an important part of Louisville’s identity that there are tons of photos taken in that location. We wanted to do something a little different. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Tanya and Jennifer on the Waterfront”

SKETCHBOOK: Love Wins Every Time

We capped off our photographic weekend with an engagement photo shoot for Tanya and Jennifer and they were every bit as adorable as you would think. They just recently got engaged and they’ve even set the date, which I’ll show you in a later post because we did some “save-the-date” photos, too. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Love Wins Every Time”

Halloween in the Ville

The crew at Southern Comfort Salon

It’s Halloween in the Ville and residents tend to go all out. At Southern Comfort Salon where Misty works costumes were mandatory. That’s Misty in the middle as the flapper. Continue reading “Halloween in the Ville”

Going behind the scenes at Girton Images

During last weekends photo shoot at Otter Creek Park with Tanya, Michelle and Zachary, another photographer came along with Misty and I. My son London took my micro four thirds Olympus Pen camera and started documenting what we did. Continue reading “Going behind the scenes at Girton Images”

Tanya, Michelle and Zachary hit Otter Creek Park

Otter Creek didn’t stand a chance when Misty and I took Tanya, Michelle and Zachary for their family photo shoot yesterday. I always think it’s weird that when you visit the park Continue reading “Tanya, Michelle and Zachary hit Otter Creek Park”