St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Highlands

Every year, one of the bigger deals in Louisville is the weekend before, or on, St. Patrick’s Day. With the profusion of Irish-themed restaurants along Baxter Avenue, having a parade in conjunction with St. Paddy’s is one of the no-brainers of the city. Continue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Highlands”

Another zombie attack in the Highlands

9th Annual Louisville Zombie Attack by Tim Girton

For the 9th year in a row, the Highlands hosted the Louisville Zombie Attack, the world’s largest zombie walk. It’s an incredible sight to see an estimated 20,000 participants decked out in various stages of zombificaion. Continue reading “Another zombie attack in the Highlands”

Zombies invade the Ville…again


Remember that song “The Freaks Come Out At Night?” Louisville takes that idea to a new level because for 8 years and counting the Highlands has been the scene of the Louisville Zombie Attack and this year Continue reading “Zombies invade the Ville…again”

Festival in the Upper Highlands

When you go places to cover events and stories for the Voice-Tribune, you start to realize what a great city we live in. Like this afternoon Continue reading “Festival in the Upper Highlands”

An Evening at Baxter and Highland

Misty and I spent this evening at Baxter and Highland Avenue at the Wick’s Pizza in the Highlands where we also did some people watching. And whether you want Louisville Continue reading “An Evening at Baxter and Highland”