SKETCHBOOK: Running For It

So Misty and I were thinking, what do you do when you have a photo shoot with active twin boys? You let them be boys and hope you, as a photographer, can keep up. As the photographer, I can tell you, it was as fun as it was challenging. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Running For It”

SKETCHBOOK: Growing Boys

It’s been a little while since we worked with Lauren and Randall’s twin boys Easton and Lucas and we both said, “wow.” The boys are growing like the proverbial wildflowers and they act like boys. That is what I wanted to capture yesterday in Old Louisville. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Growing Boys”

Amanda at Saunders Springs Park in Radcliff

Amanda - PA052890

Back when I decided to turn my passion into what would become a career, I sought out subjects that weren’t my family. Oh, they were good enough to pose for me whenever I asked, especially my son and daughter, I figured that was too easy. After all, they wouldn’t be honest and tell me that an image was horrible. Continue reading “Amanda at Saunders Springs Park in Radcliff”