FLASHBACK: 9 Years Ago

This was actually 9 years ago yesterday, but I got so busy with the day job I didn’t have time to create this post. But I think it’s so good, I decided not to wait for a 10 years ago post in 364 days. Obviously it was made during March Insanity (you know what it’s really called, but the NCAA won’t let anyone say it unless you’re giving them money) and the University of Louisville was doing well.

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SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with Abby, then her sister Emily and on Sunday, third sister Molly. And each of those young ladies has been their own dream to work with. Mother Lynn has raised four incredible daughters, of which I have now done senior photos of the eldest three. I’m hoping to make photos of all four. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart”

SKETCHBOOK: That Senior Twin

I know I’ve bragged about my senior portrait clients and how they’re the best. Justice here, the oldest twin from a couple of weeks ago, and I have tons in common. He’s a huge University of Louisville fan. That’s already a good thing. But he wanted some photos on campus as well. Imagine how much I was down for that. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: That Senior Twin”

SKETCHBOOK: Noah Says Hello

I already know what you’re thinking. Didn’t you do a photo of him yesterday? Well, that’s the thing with twins. Sometimes you can’t take a quick glance. People like to think that twins are alike and, aside from the obvious resemblance, that’s usually not true. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Noah Says Hello”

SKETCHBOOK: Twins Are Seniors

Justice and Noah are twins. Twin seniors. Imagine what their poor mother is going through right now. Okay, that’s a bit snarky because we can all imagine it, but mom is lucky because she’s got two great kids who happen to have been born at roughly the same time. They have their own personalities, no doubt about that. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Twins Are Seniors”

The Wrong Side of History…Again

About a year ago, I wrote an opinion piece regarding the Confederate Monument that currently stains the otherwise attractive University of Louisville campus. Now, over 365 days later, the monument is still there, but finally there’s some real discussion of the very real possibility of moving that offensive obelisk. Continue reading “The Wrong Side of History…Again”

Other Scenes at the Bucket

If you remember, critics derided the assumed nickname of the downtown basketball arena when Yum! Brands assumed the role of title sponsor. How could they not name the arena after KFC? Would there be the same connection to the community if they had called it the Long John Silver’s Yum! Center? Continue reading “Other Scenes at the Bucket”

Is Ashton already three?

Ashton's Third Birthday photo shoot by Tim Girton

Our friend Whitney hired us for our photographic skills to document the third birthday of her son Ashton. And since they’re big University of Louisville Cardinal fans, we went to the Belknap campus to get some of the ambiance of the sports program of 2013. Continue reading “Is Ashton already three?”

Jaxson got his smash cake

Jaxson's First Birthday photoshoot by Tim Girton

While we were photographing Cassie’s senior photos, her friend Whitney saw how we worked and thought it would be fun to have us shoot her son Jaxson’s first birthday pictures. Continue reading “Jaxson got his smash cake”