SKETCHBOOK: Senior Night at Valley

What a journey it’s been. My son, London, joined the Valley High School football team the summer before his Freshman year, excited but nervous. He liked football but had no idea what to expect when it came to actually playing the game.

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FOOTBALL: Western at Valley

The Valley High School Vikings took to the field at Viking Harbor last night to host fellow South End rival Western High School for a showdown. Was the game hard fought? You bet. Was it officiated fairly? Of course not. Did the Vikings make mistakes? Unquestionably. Did the referees look the other way on visitor penalties? Are you kidding me? They always do. Continue reading “FOOTBALL: Western at Valley”

SKETCHBOOK: De-Fense…De-Fense

It’s another Friday game day for the Valley High School Vikings and they welcome Western High School into Viking Harbor to get this work. Or at least, that’s what us fans want to have happen, especially because it’s been a rough season with the Vikings playing through serious injuries. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: De-Fense…De-Fense”

SKETCHBOOK: Junior with Senior Skills

The moment Patrick Dumire stepped onto the field at Valley High School’s Viking Harbor he immediately represented an upgrade to the offense. And this was while he was an 8th grader. Now he’s a junior and he’s just getting better. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Junior with Senior Skills”

SKETCHBOOK: Pressed Into Duty

When Valley High School’s starting quarterback went down, the second string QB came in. A couple of games into his tenure, he left the team which meant the Vikings had to find someone to take the position until Brayden Campos returned from injury. The kid that stepped up was Kobe Hixenbaugh. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Pressed Into Duty”

SKETCHBOOK: This Guy Right Here

Every team has that one guy that is super intense and wants to make sure everyone is doing their job to make the team better. But he’s also got a playful side that keeps the guys light and on their toes in stressful situations. For Valley High School, it’s this guy, Bradley Duvall. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: This Guy Right Here”

SKETCHBOOK: Vikings and Moms

By now you get the idea that at Valley High School, football and moms go together, which is as it should be. There are so many kids that play and it’s detached from the rest of their family life. And that’s really quite a shame because the game is so much a part of who they are through their high school years. That doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Vikings. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Vikings and Moms”

SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback

You’ve seen Brayden before. He’s the quarterback on the Valley High School Vikings football team. He’s a senior, which gave us a chance to do some awesome senior portraits earlier this year. He’s one of London’s best friends on the team and the guy that turns London into a beast on the field because he’s always motivated by the mantra, “no one touches my quarterback. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Mother and her Quarterback”

SKETCHBOOK: Showing Off My Kiddo

Yesterday, we talked about last Friday’s Valley Viking Football Appreciation Day and how one of the things I got to do is get individual photos of the players that came out. And I also admitted that the first photos I was going to show was my son, London, the starting left tackle. for one of the shots, Misty took control of the camera and got me and my kiddo. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Showing Off My Kiddo”