FLASHBACK: March 28, 2012

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how to remind people that I’m a photographer. COVID-19 slowed business to a halt, as it has with many, many other businesses. And even before that, publications in Louisville ran out of money for freelance shutterbugs. Of course, that makes it difficult to survive as a creative.

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Memorial Day Patriots Peace Memorial

I spent part of my Memorial Day covering an event for the Voice-Tribune and I’m happy I got to witness the 2018 Enshrinement Ceremony. The Louisville area armed forces veterans came together at the Patriots Peace Memorial to enshrine three heroes. Continue reading “Memorial Day Patriots Peace Memorial”

SKETCHBOOK: Behind the Scenes at Madame Trousseau

This past Thursday, the Voice-Tribune sent me to cover the grand opening for Madame Trousseau’s Bridal in the Henry Clay building in downtown Louisville. I’m always excited to see what’s happening at elegant affairs like this. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Behind the Scenes at Madame Trousseau”

SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep

Over the weekend, I had the chance to cover the CQ Jam for WaterStep for the Voice-Tribune. It had everything and by that I mean it had people donating to charity, live music and torrential rain. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: CQ Jam for WaterStep”

A busy week thanks to the Voice-Tribune

The Seder plate.
The Seder plate.

The Voice-Tribune newspaper gives me the most fun assignments to cover. As a freelance photographer, you’re happy to even have an assignment. It’s even better when the people you work for give you something you can sink your teeth into. Continue reading “A busy week thanks to the Voice-Tribune”

Homecoming on Main 2012

The color red splashed itself around town pretty much day. I had the good fortune of covering it in a couple of locations. I started the day at the Continue reading “Homecoming on Main 2012”

The World’s Largest Halloween Party


If people ask for one of the outstanding landmarks in Louisville, tell them about the Louisville Zoo. Especially this time of year because they’ve begun hosting the annual World’s Largest Halloween Party. Because of that, Continue reading “The World’s Largest Halloween Party”

The Pointer Sisters on the street in downtown Louisville


Last night, I jumped around and danced poorly but it didn’t matter because I busted my moves to the music of the Pointer Sisters. The event that brought them to town, and me downtown, Continue reading “The Pointer Sisters on the street in downtown Louisville”

Attack of the Underpants


You may already be asking yourself why Mike McGuire and Kara Looney posed here wearing “hot” and “spicy” underpants. And even more interesting: why did a couple of hundred other people, Continue reading “Attack of the Underpants”