SKETCHBOOK: Model Tall Senior

I met Molly a few years ago when I was doing senior portraits of her eldest sister, Abby. Even at that time, you could see how close the sisters are and what great personalities they had. They are all beautiful in their own ways and, as close as they are, they have different interests and their mother encourages them to go for it, whatever it is. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Model Tall Senior”

SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart

A few years ago, I got a chance to work with Abby, then her sister Emily and on Sunday, third sister Molly. And each of those young ladies has been their own dream to work with. Mother Lynn has raised four incredible daughters, of which I have now done senior photos of the eldest three. I’m hoping to make photos of all four. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: My Third Lockhart”

SKETCHBOOK: Hannah Hangs with Juju

When we were doing senior portraits with Hannah, she wanted to make sure she got her baby in a few. Her baby is Juju, the other adorable female in the photograph above. They’re made for each other. Hannah is chill. Juju is all over the place. Hannah is good at taking posing suggestions. Juju, of course, was the opposite. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah Hangs with Juju”

SKETCHBOOK: Hannah’s a Senior

One of my favorite genres of photography is the senior portrait, and not just because my son is a senior in high school. One of the things I find most attractive about that style of photography is the fact that you get to document kids becoming adults and the senior portrait is a right of passage. It’s one of those things like prom and graduation that marks the fact that you’re now considered a grownup. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Hannah’s a Senior”

A Little More Corey

Some weeks ago, I showed off a few photos of Corey during his time at the motocross park that became part of his senior portrait shoot. Then, over this past weekend, we shot the bulk of his portrait session at Waverly Park in Pleasure Ridge Park. Continue reading “A Little More Corey”