SKETCHBOOK: Giving Away the Bride

I’ve always found the term “giving away the bride” interesting. You know, the “who gives this bride to be joined in marriage.” Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Giving Away the Bride”

SKETCHBOOK: The End of Bachelorhood

Sure, it’s the end of his bachelorhood, but check out how cool Jason is. It’s not a moment to be mourned. It is a moment to rejoice as he takes the love of his life and makes her his bride. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The End of Bachelorhood”

SKETCHBOOK: Christy and the Bridesmaid

I know that I’ve mentioned how infectious Christy’s spirit is and you figure it would be magic working on Jason, her hubby-to-be. But no one is immune. Check her out interacting with her bridesmaid. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Christy and the Bridesmaid”

SKETCHBOOK: The Look of Love

As you can see, Jason stopped caring if he was crying or not. He’s spending this First Look moment with the love of his life. That feeling supersedes all others. This woman will say I do in a matter of moments. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Look of Love”

SKETCHBOOK: Wonder If They’re In Love?

I can put that thought to rest in one image. The attraction is obvious because they are two of the most attractive you’ll ever meet. Not just handsome vs beautiful, but they’re personalities, too. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Wonder If They’re In Love?”

SKETCHBOOK: I Hope I Don’t Cry

There is just something special about a First Look. Jason and Christy have known each other since elementary school. He’s seen her for years and he knows that she’s a beauty. And I mean that both physically and spiritually. Being around her is infectious in a good way.

She brings vitality and positivity and she’s one of those people you are happy to know and if you don’t know her, you wish you did. Jason knows all that.

And then he saw her as his bride. He wanted to make sure he didn’t cry.

Well, that didn’t work.

SKETCHBOOK: Now You See Her…

So, as you can see, Christy enjoys having a good time and she’s right behind her handsome husband-to-be and you can see the anticipation on his face. He really wants to see how must he wants to see his betrothed. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Now You See Her…”

SKETCHBOOK: The Reveal…Almost

You’ve met Jason, the handsome fella that got married on Saturday. You’ve seen him with his groomsmen having fun prior to the ceremony. But I haven’t shown you the bride, Christy. They did a First Look. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: The Reveal…Almost”

SKETCHBOOK: Ready to Party

The I do’s haven’t been exchanged yet, but Jason and his groomsmen were ready to start the party. Continue reading “SKETCHBOOK: Ready to Party”